What does a high reliability input look like?(1)


DC Module power

●The design is simple. Power is available with just one power module, with a few discrete components. ● Shorten the development cycle. The module power supply generally has a variety of input and output options. Users can also repeatedly stack or cross stack to form a building block combined power supply to achieve multiple input and output, which greatly reduces the prototype development time.
●Change is flexible. If the product design needs to be changed, simply convert or parallel another suitable power module.

input plays an important role in life. Basically, all products are inseparable from electricity. Therefore, power modules are widely used. Many household appliances have been used for a long time without breaking, indicating that the internal power module is reliable. What kind of high reliability input is introduced in this paper? 

1: Use high-quality components. In fact, the difference between some cheap components and some expensive components is reliability. 

2: When selecting device parameters, space should be reserved, such as withstand voltage. It is not allowed to assume that the market voltage is 220V. Generally speaking, we should consider that the voltage may be as high as 265V or even higher.