Problems that should be paid attention to when designing reliable guanjian5(3)


Module power

There are many manufacturing industries in which power modules are used, and the requirements of the natural environment are different. Because of its universal design, DC-DC power modules can only consider the general requirements. Therefore, when customers' application scenarios are demanding, it is necessary to add appropriate peripheral power circuits to improve the stability of the Marine boost/buck voltage power supply.

4. Heat dissipation design

●High quality and reliable. Module power supply generally adopts fully automatic production, and is equipped with high-tech production technology, so the quality is stable and reliable.
Wide range of uses: The modular power supply can be widely used in various fields of social production and life such as aerospace, locomotives and ships, military weapons, power generation and distribution, post and telecommunications, metallurgy and mining, automatic control, household appliances, instrumentation and scientific research experiments. In particular, it plays an irreplaceable and important role in the field of high reliability and high technology.

About 15% of the destruction of industrial power modules is caused by poor heat dissipation of heat pipes. The power modules are moving towards miniaturization and integration. However, the Marine boost/buck voltage power supply in many application places is constantly operating in a closed environment. If the accumulated heat cannot be dissipated, the components inside the Marine boost/buck voltage power supply will be destroyed due to exceeding the thermal stress.