What should I pay attention to when selecting the power of the acdc module?(4)


Module power

●The design is simple. Power is available with just one power module, with a few discrete components. ● Shorten the development cycle. The module power supply generally has a variety of input and output options. Users can also repeatedly stack or cross stack to form a building block combined power supply to achieve multiple input and output, which greatly reduces the prototype development time.
●Change is flexible. If the product design needs to be changed, simply convert or parallel another suitable power module.

After the load is selected, the output current is basically determined. The size of the load current is the key to determine the power, and also directly affects the reliability and price of the module. Under the premise of using at room temperature, thepower should be used at 30% - 80% power. If it is a high temperature or low temperature environment, specific decrement design should be considered. One of the key factors for successful design is to select the appropriate output current. If the current is too large or too small, it will lead to low reliability and high cost.

The power module shall be less applied under high temperature conditions and be able to select power reduction above 30% - 40%. For high temperature applications or poor heat dissipation, modules with large volume are preferred under the same dynamic conditions; For the condition above 70 ℃ in long-term work, please consult our technical service staff to select the power module for work in high temperature environment.