How to choose a good vehicle?(1)


In addition to the most basic voltage conversion function, the following aspects need to be considered when selecting and using vehicle:

1. Rated power

Generally, it is recommended that the actual applied power should be 30-80% of the rated power of the price supply (the detailed share is also related to other factors, which will be discussed later), In this power scale, the vehicle functions in all aspects are relatively abundant and reliable. Too light a load will lead to waste of resources, while too heavy a load will bring bad luck to temperature rise and reliability. All price supplies must be overloaded.

2. Packaging method

Module power

Regulation of output voltage
For module power products with TRIM or ADJ (adjustable) output pins, the output voltage can be adjusted within a certain range through resistors or potentiometers, and the general adjustment range is ±10%.
For the TRIM output pin, connect the center of the potentiometer to TRIM. In all modules with +S and -S pins, the other two ends are connected to +S and -S respectively. When there is no +S, -S, connect the two ends to the output positive and negative poles of the corresponding main circuit (+S to +Vin, -S to -Vin), and then adjust the potentiometer. The resistance value of the potentiometer is generally more appropriate to use 5 ~ 10kΩ.

There are many packaging methods of price supply, including those conforming to international standards and non-standard ones. For the products of the same company, the same power products have different packages, and the same package has different powers. So how to choose the packaging method? There are mainly three aspects: ① the volume should be as small as possible under certain power conditions, so as to give more space and more functions to other parts of the system; ② Try to select products that conform to international standard packaging. Due to good compatibility, it is not limited to one or two suppliers; ③ It shall be scalable to facilitate system capacity expansion and promotion. Select a package. Due to the improvement of the system's functional upgrading requirements for power supply power, the power module package remains unchanged, and the system circuit board planning does not need to be changed, which greatly simplifies the upgrading of products and saves time.