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  On August 27th, China Power and Physical Power Industry Association Power Battery Application Branch released data on the installed capacity of hydrogen fuel cells. From January to July 2019, China's hydrogen fuel cell installed capacity reached 4,5876.9kW, a year-on-year growth rate of 642.6%, an increase. Leading the world's major markets.

Netcom: Jianghuai released the E-series ten-year plan. The EEV models iEV6E, iEV7S and iEV7L will be upgraded several times before 2029. In addition, in 2023, JAC New Energy will also launch products based on the new platform iEV01.
On August 28th, the Roewe RX5 MAX will be launched, and five models will be launched. The pre-sale price range is 14.98-178,000 yuan.
On August 27th, Weimar Automobile and China Mobile Internet of Things held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The two parties will formally cooperate on the 5G-V2X new communication technology.
Recently, Park Chase, director of the Hyundai Motor Fuel Cell Performance Development Office, said that in 2030, Hyundai Motor will produce 700,000 fuel cell vehicles, including 500,000 commercial vehicles and 200,000 passenger vehicles.
On August 27th, Volvo's electric car brand Polestar announced that the Chengdu production base was officially put into operation. The first production car is a hybrid Polestar 1 sports car with a price of 1.45 million yuan and a limited annual output of 500. Car.
Foreign media: FF is launching a restructuring plan that may be reorganized into a joint venture company, and CEO Jia Yueting may resign.
Foreign media: TeraWatt Technology, a division of SF Motors, a US new energy company, announced the introduction of a 4.5Ah solid-state battery design prototype with a record energy density of 432Wh/kg. At present, third parties including Japan Toyo Co., Ltd. are conducting verification tests on the prototype of the battery.

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