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  Recently, Beijing Municipality issued the Beijing New Energy Logistics Distribution Vehicle Priority Work Implementation Plan clearly, starting from the fourth quarter of 2019, upgrading the proportion of pure electric trucks and implementing differentiated measures to achieve “by the end of 2020, except Outside the cold-chain transport vehicles, the proportion of pure electric trucks meets the relevant requirements in the light-duty logistics vehicles of 4.5 tons or less that pass through the five-ring roads during the day.


Hainan Daily: Sinopec has built 40 charging stations in 10 gas stations in Haikou, Sanya and 8 round-the-island high-speed service areas to provide 80 charging spaces.


On August 14, Zheng Zecong, co-founder and executive vice president of Weilai Auto, retired. It will continue to serve as Li Bin's personal advisor and chairman of Weilai Drive Technology.


According to reports, the Shanghai Traffic Enforcement Department accumulatively inspected the drones, the US Mission and other network car platforms in July, and issued 114 tickets for illegal activities on the platform. Among them, Drip was fined 5.5 million yuan, and the US group was fined 1.47 million yuan.


Foreign media: Renesas Electronics Corporation announced the launch of the fourth-generation lithium-ion battery management chip, the ISL78714, which provides accurate battery voltage and temperature monitoring, and battery balancing system diagnostics to extend battery life and cruising range.


Recently, Xiao Yong, deputy general manager of GAC New Energy, said that the reason for the battery supply and annual switching, GE3 530 was discontinued for two months, and production is expected to resume after September, when new products will be launched.


Foreign media: The number of public electric charging piles for electric vehicles in Germany is currently 20,650, an increase of more than 50% over the same period last year.


Foreign media: On August 13, Tesla Model 3 landed in the Korean market. After the subsidy from the Korean government, the starting price of the car is only RMB 190,000. The price of China is 328,000.

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