The role of isolation voltage of dcdc power module


Isolation breakdown voltage refers to the insulation voltage that 2 devices without direct equipotential bonding can withstand.

The application places of dcdc power modules are different, and the selection of matching specifications is not necessary. For example: AD-DC power isolation, the isolation breakdown voltage is usually specified in the manufacturing site at 5000VAC to 6000VAC; dcdc power modules are usually specified in the manufacturing site with 1500VDC to 2500VDC, and the specific manufacturing industry will be higher, and the medical device industry specifies 6000VDC. Changzhou Active Electronics is a professional power module manufacturer specializing in the production of ACDC power modules, dcdc power modules, acdc module power supplies, high voltage input power modules, customized power modules, 3W/25w/75w and other dcdc module power supplies, which can provide stable and stable customer systems. , reliable controller voltage, and reasonably alleviate the problem of good and bad power consumption caused by static electricity and surge.